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For Immediate Release – March 2, 2022

Fusion Fight League is excited to announce that beginning with our April 8, 2022, event in Great Falls, Montana, all of our large-scale shows will be sanctioned by the Wyoming Combat Sports Commission. This makes Fusion Fight League the first MMA promotion in Montana to have its events sanctioned by a commission from another state.

Montana has been an unsanctioned state for decades, meaning there is no active commission regulating MMA in the state. However, in October of last year, every fighter on two separate boxing shows were suspended nationwide for 60 days for competing in an unsanctioned event. We have since been told some individual state commission will suspend fighters for up to 6 months for competing in MMA or boxing on an unsanctioned event.

At about the same time, Fusion expanded into Wyoming, holding an event in Gillette, and forming a relationship with the Wyoming Combat Sports Commission. We instantly began discussions about bringing that commission to our events.

The Commission has been great to work with, and we feel that partnering with them will benefit Fusion, fighters, and Montanan MMA as a whole. This new partnership will help ensure fighter safety, and guarantees that competing for Fusion will not hold fighters back from competing in other states.

As a result of this new partnership:

  • Fighters competing on Fusion events will NOT face a mandatory suspension for competing on an unsanctioned show.
  • Bloodwork, which has been required for years by Fusion independently, will now be collected and turned over to the Committee, and will be good for one year from the date on the labs.
  • All fighters must be licensed with the state of Wyoming in order to compete for Fusion
  • The Committee will review and approve all matchups, ensuring fairness in competition
  • All judges and referees will be accountable to the commission, further ensuring a fair and even competition
  • Anyone competing for an unsanctioned event, including in Montana, will be unable to compete for Fusion for a minimum of 30 days. A new set of bloodwork taken more than 30 days after the unsanctioned event must be submitted in order for fighters to compete for Fusion.

Fighters and coaches can direct any questions or concerns to our matchmaker at 702-281-2597, or our CEO at 406-697-0542.